Work Group Committees

The four domains by which Be Well Barron County partners will access the Barron County population is through Education, Worksites, Healthcare and Community.


Education activities will focus on coordinating the seven Barron County school districts’ efforts to bring nutrition and physical activity programs and policies to students and capacity building for school personnel.

Be Well Barron County will:

  • Educate school administrators
  • Identify recommended standards for physical activity
  • Identify recommended standards in the school nutrition environment
  • Identify and adopt policies that promote school-based healthy eating and increased physical activity


Worksite interventions will seek to identify and implement effective worksite wellness strategies for Barron County businesses.

Be Well Barron County will:

  • Educate businesses on the benefits of implementing wellness programs
  • Provide resources, tools. programs and policy suggestions to local businesses to create work environments that promote physical activity and healthy eating
  • Create a countywide worksite wellness award program (Exel with Be Well)


Healthcare interventions will include:

  • Increasing the number of healthcare providers and Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC)  nursing students who are trained in motivational interviewing
  • Host an annual countywide health challenge related to nutrition and/or physical activity
  • Coordinating local prevention resources for healthcare providers


Community partnerships will work to:

  • Coordinate and expand faith-based wellness activities
  • Create healthy options and environments in restaurants and grocery stores to promote healthy food choices