In 2004, community partners from the Cumberland area organized the Healthier Cumberland Coalition to lead programs that promote healthy lifestyles among Cumberland area residents.

In March of 2006, Healthier Cumberland was awarded a HWPP grant to implement a three year program (2006-2009) to implement lifestyle interventions to increase physical activity and improve dietary intake.

Healthier Cumberland, with funding from HWPP, implemented an effective, comprehensive community and school intervention program to increase physical activity and improve dietary intake.

Success in this program inspired Healthier Cumberland to approach the greater Barron County community to partner and address the high rates of overweight, obesity and lack of physical activity that have placed Barron County residents at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Healthier Cumberland Coalition and the Barron County Safe & Stable Families Coalition joined to create a partnership of community members located throughout Barron County. This project is called Be Well Barron County. Be Well Barron County, together with the coalitions and active community partners, will have the capacity and resources to implement and expand the strategies of the Healthier Cumberland project county-wide.

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