Family Dinner Night

Recently, the media spotlight has been directed on the high rate of obesity in our country, specifically to the epidemic of childhood obesity. Be Well Barron County focuses on youth interventions such as health and fitness challeges for students, more opportunities for play and recess for younger children, and eating fresh, healthy foods. However, there are more ways to encourage positive lifestyle choices in children.

Parents can help be part of Be Well Barron County’s initiative in a simple, easy way! Have a family dinner! Eating meals together as a family, whether it is a one parent family or two parent family, has been shown to greatly improve eating habits in all members of the family. Family dinner is a positive activity that can be put into action immediately.

Regular, routine meals add structure to a child’s life, which will help build better relationships with their parents, encourage healthy food choices, as well as be less likely to use alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. It is also shown that children and adults who have regular family dinners, with the television turned off, are much less likely to be overweight and more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Start planning a family dinner by checking out our recipe blog!