Be Well’s Fall into Wellness Community Health Challenge

Be Well Barron County hosts a health challenge every year! This year’s challenge, Be Well’s Fall into Wellness, begins on October 1st, 2012 and runs for 6 weeks.

Click here to download the challenge: Be Well’s Fall into Wellness 2012

  • Win great prizes!
  • Have fun with family, friends and coworkers!
  • The top 2 adults and top 2 students will win incentive prizes for their worksite and school!
  • Take small steps to make big changes!
OTHER PLACES TO PICK UP THE CHALLENGE:  You can get the challenge online, at the Barron County Government Center (335 E. Monroe Ave, Barron, 3rd floor desk), at Lakeview Medical Center’s Health & Wellness Center located at Cedar Mall in Rice Lake, or request it through email. Please contact for questions. **Submit your points weekly to **

Weekly Prize Winners:

Week 1: Jill Becker, Mitchell Sanborn, Josh Rodriguez, Brooke Salsbury and Michelle Jordan

Week 2: Aaron Beckendorf, Kathy Riemer, Tirzah Zipperer, Ericka Gesler, Paul Bjugstad

Week 3: Lori Springer, Connie Johnson, Clayton Bethke, Mitzie Feidt and Austin Scheibel

Week 4: Lynn Bartlett, Nicole Finstad, Steve Bergmann, Carol Evenson, Siri Hyatt

Week 5: Matt Minor, Mitchell Gordon, Rachel Gillet, Angie Martens, Val Leair

Week 6: Mary Zappa, Scott Elza, Promise Svendson, Laura Mathews, Rick Pelishek


Chris Molden, Mike Bjelland, Jennifer Larson, Lauren Alberg, Samantha Williams, Carter Hickok, Tricia Cich Terri Mikyska, Brittany Homer

Top Point Totals:

(Students) Haley Bossany, Nathanniel Fustveot, Ryan Hanson

(Adults) Judy Strickland, Susie Carr





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