10 Foods Surprisingly High in Protein

Are you stuck in a protein rut? It’s time to think beyond chicken breast. Enter these surprisingly high-protein foods, courtesy of Michelle Hauser, MD, certified chef, nutrition educator, and postdoctoral research fellow in cardiovascular disease prevention at Stanford University School of Medicine. Preview: They’re all plant based and there’s no protein powder in sight. Edamame […]

I Conquered Barron County X2 Community Health Challenge

I Conquered Barron County X2

4 Secrets to Making Power Salads

When you hear “I’ll just have a salad” for lunch or dinner, you probably assume that’s a healthy choice. But salads at restaurants often pack in far more calories than anyone needs in a single meal, according to research by the American Institute for Cancer Research. Loaded with too much dressing, cheese or fried chicken, […]

4 Cardinal Rules for Healthy Snacking

Get your snacking behavior back on track with these 4 essential rules. Feel like you need to get your snacks on track? Americans have a love affair with snacking: 78 percent of us snack daily: About 400-plus calories a day come from between-meal nibbling. “The number of times we eat each day is far and […]